First-of-its-kind online spa training for all.

A comprehensive online training program for every role in the spa. 

Spa Professional is a first-of-its-kind online training program that empowers wellness professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to provide superior guest experiences and improve the profitability of their spas.

Created by Lobster Ink, the leading expert in online hospitality training, Resense was selected to be their content expert due to the efficacy of our training in our spas.  Lobster Ink’s learning methodology combines the best of cognitive understanding, video techniques and behavioral science to deliver practical training on skills, knowledge and behavior.  Their techniques are all designed to ‘embed’ learning, so unlike other training platforms where it might be easy to watch and not necessarily retain, Lobster’s training empowers the learner so they understand ‘why’ and actually practice what they have learned.

Lobster Ink has worked with many of the large hotel groups and independent hoteliers creating courses for many different departments.  They carefully select companies that are recognized as leaders in their field to partner with, such as the Culinary Institute of America and Forbes Travel Guide.

Spa Professional is the result of 5 years of development in which Resense helped to create the content, methodology and tools.  Combining Resense’s operational experience improving the Guest experience and commercial performance in spas worldwide, with Lobster Ink’s proven online learning capability, this first-of-its-kind curriculum addresses the most common areas that require additional support to ensure the running of a successful spa.

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