Resense creates a post-COVID 19 Step-by-Step Restart Guide.


由 Alice Zhang

Restart your spa!
Covid-19 has created a paradigm shift.  As spas & hotels re-open, we all much adjust to a new ‘normal' for a period or indefinitely.  There will be a term of adjustment, processes to refresh & train and clients to re-engage.  The new normal aside, re-openings should be treated like the special events they are.  The more care and preparation now, the more comfortable teams and clients will feel in returning.
Our Operations Team, Spa Managers & Directors globally have embraced the challenge with success.  Regulations post-Covid will vary between countries and regions and hence, it is critical that onsite leaders are empowered to embrace the opportunity of re-opening.
Resense has specifically created a Step-by-Step Restart Guide, designed as an actionable workbook with checklists, questions & analysis to support our Spa Leaders around the world.
It is time to look ahead and strategise for this paradigm shift.
It is time to look ahead & come back stronger.


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