The sense in wellness.

Successful & enduring wellness solutions.

Resense is a leading global expert in spa & wellness creation, development and performance. We create and manage luxury spas, brands & specialist services tailored to deliver unique experiences for our guests and maximised commercial performance and distinction for our clients.

Guest experience and active management delivers results.

We experienced Resense as true collaborators, adding a proactive, passionate vision of expertise and innovation – the right partner to develop something not only unique, but specific to a place and a culture of place.

Philip Neher - Studio CABAN
Lead Architect - One&Only Mandarina, Mexico



50%+ were not prior to Resense


Y1 Profit Increase

46% average growth PA thereafter



on long term agreements [15+ years]

Inspiring sense in more than 90 spas around the world.

Tailored to make sense now... and into the future.

With more than 50 spas on agreements longer than 15 years, Resense’s foresight is long and our operational experience is relevant.  We listen to our Client’s needs, challenge the status quo and carefully curate unique & enduring wellness solutions.

Our diverse team is experienced in all matters of wellness and can help with everything from creating or improving a spa, spa brand or destination wellness resort to specific mandates, such as creating an amenity line for a hotel brand’s global roll-out; or specialist consulting to a luxury product brand to improve their retail customer experience.

We partner with the owner and operator for the life of your spa – from creation to ongoing operations.

Vision Opening Reality

1. Research,
& Design

2. Pre-Opening/
& Training

3. Active

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