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Working with the Resense team was not only a pleasure on a personal level but I remain inspired by the overall approach they take as a group.  A deep understanding of wellness, ROI based decision making at every stage of development and a passion for guest experience are combined to create a truly unique process within our industry – which is why they are a global leading wellness organisation.

Global Vice President - Well-Being

The collaboration with the team at Resense was a true enrichment to the design of the Spa at the One&Only Mandarina!  Resense sensitively embraced the architectural concepts, focusing on guest experiences and guiding us to critical refinements of the design.  While they brought the operational concept to the highest level of industry developments, they also pursued a thorough research into regional and indigenous treatments, leading, for example, to the introduction of earthen mud treatments, connecting with local resources and historic traditions.  Unforgettable is the exploration of the local Temazcals by participating in a ceremony with Resense’s Matt Laird.  We experienced Resense as true collaborators, adding a proactive, passionate vision of expertise and innovation – the right partner to develop something not only unique but specific to a place and a culture of place.

Lead Architect - One&Only Mandarina, Mexico

Resense are the thought leaders in the wellness industry today.  The team bring a refreshing focus to details that elevate their spa projects to the extraordinary.

Chief Executive Officer

I have been working with Resense over the last 8 years in various functions and I have always been well impressed by their level of personal attention, even by senior management calling me directly to follow-up on certain activities and actions, which shows their level of care.  More importantly, we have been winning various awards for being the leading Spa in Lithuania, which is a testimony to their expertise.

General Manager

Our collaboration with Resense was seamless.  Their design processes are very efficient and perfectly aligned with ours.  Resense’s expertise allowed us to create a spa design that works operationally and that offers a unique guest experience with a strong sense of place.  Resense’s creative and collaborative processes are fantastic and truly reflect the passion and care with which the team operates.


I have worked for international hotel chains in the spa industry for over 10 years and I have never felt as supported or secure as I do with Resense.  I didn’t join a company, I became part of a family.  Resense’s personal attention to the work details and even our personal wellbeing, is incomparable and amazing.  Over the past 3 years, I have experienced how much the company cares and provides professional support for every single detail, offering solutions, guidance, training and full empowerment of me and our spa team. 

Rita Salem - Resense Spa Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort Beirut
Wellness & Spa Director

Resense Spa are unique in their ability to work in a very wide range of countries.  They master spa operations impeccably, with close and frequent monitoring, leading to remarkable performance.  The teams are reactive, accessible and easy to work with.

Director of Sales and Digital Development

Resense's management style conforms seamlessly with our daily operations, making them a valuable member of our team.  Their keen expertise and comprehensive market knowledge have given us the edge over our competitors and secured us the title of World Spa Awards: Seychelles' Best Resort Spa, three years running.  This considerable achievement is a testament not only to the beautiful spas Resense creates, but to the knowledge and training that they bestow to their guest-facing team members.  Embracing the unique characteristics of each of the remarkable destinations in which they operate, Resense crafts beautiful performances and unforgettable experiences for our guests.

General Manager

We had tried for years to engage Spa consultants/companies but were gaining no traction.  Resense from the outset understood not only the urgency of climate change but also the business of sustainability.  We are both big believers in how data can drive insights and help inform and guide the management of critical paths to ensure business success.  The way they showcase spa analytics and visualise performance places them as true pioneers in this space.  Our partnership has broken new ground and we’re excited for the future.

Vice President Sales

I have worked for Resense for over 10 years am proud to have been part of creating and growing Resense into the market-leading wellness innovation company it is today.  Resense always thinks from the guest’s perspective and artfully balances that with the operational realities.  Resense have developed many different support systems to develop their teams and analyse day-to-day business to enable onsite spa leaders to make better decisions.  They ‘sweat the small stuff’ - research, plan and direct meticulously, taking responsibility for ensuring that they do their best to maximise each owner’s spa & wellbeing success from the beginning to the end. 

Richard Grew - Sindhorn Wellness by Resense Bangkok
Wellness Director

We engaged Resense as we needed progressive experts to produce a successful spa concept for our new luxury resort under construction.  One which would meet the demands of ever-changing wellness seekers and help set us apart internationally. The team delivered a well-researched and innovative concept, together with a sensible financial forecast, in record time.  It was evident they truly are a wellness company who thinks like an owner.  We were impressed overall with the team's deep understanding of wellness trends and customer insights and their responsiveness to our many queries.

Executive Director Iconic Luxury Hotels - International



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